MCPHH/CA Pride Month Lecture, Dr Tom Sapsford – 6 June 2023, 6pm, Online

Join us for the MCPHH/CA Pride Month Lecture with Dr Tom Sapsford on 6 June, on zoom.

Tom Sapsford’s research interests include performance, gender, and sexuality in both ancient Greek and Roman contexts with a specialization in imperial Latin verse. His recent book Performing the Kinaidos: Unmanly Men in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures. Oxford University Press, (2022) explores a figure called the kinaidos/cinaedus, who is known in antiquity for his outrageous gender performance and sexuality as well as for his distinctive style of song and dance.

Dr Sapsford is also working on ancient writings about Greek and Roman dance and has written on adaptations of ancient literature by contemporary choreographers. Work on these research strands has been possible thorough support from the Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU and the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at the University of Oxford.

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