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This blog showcases the work that our MCPHH colleagues and friends are involved in.

We want the blog to be something of interest and enjoyment, and encourage participation from those undertaking public history and/or heritage projects both in Manchester and its regions and beyond.

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Now Hear Then: Stockport heritage Study Using Augmented Reality as a Research Tool – Suzie Cloves

National Saturday Club & Manchester Metropolitan University’s ‘Society and Change Club’ – Dr Marie Molloy

Searching for the Nineteenth-Century Manchester Man – Michelle D. Ravenscroft

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Women’s Football Coaching as a Cultural Heritage – Jodie Neville

‘Before and After: Manchester’s buildings evolution from the Cotton Industry to the 21st Century’ – Ellie Walker

Woman and Domestic Photography – Lilly Hilton

The English country parsonage – Professor Jon Stobart

Towns and cities, when countries go to war – Dr Catherine Danks

Manchester Streets and the Victorian Pioneers Who Made Their Mark – Ellie Andrews

Victorian Schools League Tables: The Public School Record 1886-1900 – Andy Carter

What did the Georgians do in their gardens? – Helen Brown

History, historians, and the French presidential elections – Dr Chris Millington

The Appropriation and Weaponisation of the Crusades in the Modern Era – Dr Jason T. Roche

Becoming a popular history writer: Post PhD (Part 2) – Dr Owen Rees

Becoming a popular history writer: Pre-PhD (Part 1) – Dr Owen Rees